Brand Culture

Brand Culture

The desire for relationship between creativity, innovation and productivity in business is at an all time high.

Studies have indicated measurable increases in turnover for companies with poor or nonexistent culture, and conversationally, culture is mentioned more frequently between entrepreneurs.  Rather than aimless and undisciplined blue-sky thinking, Amantha Imber of inventium asserts that creating and nurturing an innovation culture involves “The need to set clear organization-wide goals to keep people's efforts focused and effective.” Millennials are the generation driving the workplace changes of the near future and they desire a strong brand culture more than anything else when deciding who to work for.**

There is brand culture in every organisation that will either set you up to be more innovative, productive and creative or just maintain your BAU. Are you creating your brand culture or are you letting your existing culture create your brand? Either way, your brand will be built and according to the worlds most valuable brands, it is essential that you understand and build brand culture if you are going to have a healthy sustainable brand culture, identity and retention.

*2017 Forbes

The Process

Is facilitated by Sam Dewhurst with the c-suite of your organisation. We look at the most important areas of your business across the 5 areas of brand culture:

  • Seeing - active values that create your core brand message

  • Being - active values that create brand personality

  • Doing - active values that communicate your brand culture - what you do.

  • Living - active values that solidify your brand promise

  • Leaving - active values that propose your brand benefit

This process will unlock and give back to you :

  • Brand Culture of each key area of your business

  • Value proposition across the various business areas

  • The core values

  • Brand KPI checklist for management reporting

  • Brand counterfeits unlocked to develop bridging strategies that move you towards your real values

Specific to brand communications we also unlock your

  • Brand archetype

  • 5 Senses for emotional connection